A new kind of roasting event in Europe

Bean of the Year is an open, membership-free coffee roasting competition and event in Europe — inviting coffee roasters, coffee farmers, coffee importers, and baristas to participate in a platform for peer feedback, judging, learning from experts, and networking. The highlight of the event is the BEAN OF THE YEAR competition, with two ways to participate:

  • By submitting coffees to compete for one of several BEAN OF THE YEAR categories, including a chance to win OVERALL WINNER, and/or 
  • Attend the May 24-26, 2018 event in Hamburg, Germany

In other words, attendance at the event is not required to submit coffees for the competition. However, participants to the event become judges during the competition so offers a fun and educational way to compare and contrast coffees from other roasters.


In addition to being part of a live competition, attending the event offers a great networking platform to meet and further network within an intimate group of industry professionals, as well as provides the opportunity for professional development by learning from coffee insiders and by being exposed to the newest trends from the world of coffee roasting. 


Find out more: beanoftheyear.com